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Digital Marketing for Start-ups in Oil and Gas Industry

Digital Marketing for Start-ups: All That You Need To Know

How does a start-up function in the early phase?

Every entrepreneurial pursuit driver needs to focus on the right utilization of resources.

The battle is to get the best even in the face of scarcity in resources. This is what decides whether the organizational boat floats or sinks in the initial times.

The Oil and Gas Industry is transforming in ways unseen before, the space at large is brimming more than ever with entrepreneurial ventures tirelessly striving to attain a strong foothold by addressing key issues in spaces with more room for improvement. In such volatile times, it is imperative for the upcoming brands to have a strong and consistent presence to better market their services.

One can either resort to the conventional methods such as print ads, coupons, or road signs, but in the digital 21st century, specifically in the COVID crisis, the majority of the corporate working has shifted to online portals where impact needs to be created. This is the age where digital marketing for start-ups is no more a straight-line process but an extremely convoluted path that needs to be treaded carefully to make an impact.

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Why digital marketing for start-ups?

Statistics from Michael Nathanson, an analyst at MoffettNathanson, has brought to light the reduction of conventional marketing budgets to move towards a digital marketing model. 

“With companies widely expected to slash marketing budgets, the ad industry could see nearly $26 billion in lost revenue or a 10.6% decline.”

Companies and startups, irrespective of their clientele, are uniformly moving towards digital marketing as a path of return on investment. As this happens, we end up in a whole new environment where the digital market may turn out to be the primary location for doing business.

Insights show that 81% of people search online for a product or a service. Engraving your rank on the first page of search engines is imperative to ensure high volubility of your business. Search Engine Optimisation as a concept needs to be exploited as a modus operandi for digital marketing for start-ups to do well on this front. 

As a responsible leader, each executive should take steps towards the transition. 

Digital Marketing for start-ups: The Roadmap 

When it comes down to this ideology, choosing the right pathways is imperative. If one can efficiently scout for the right model to ensure the efficacy of any process, it is half the work done. In a nutshell, there are myriad ways in which digital brand making can be addressed. 

Having a presence online: Where the World is, currently.

In their latest report, Market Research Firm Nielsen revealed: 

“Social Media volume saw a whopping 50X surge between January and March in India in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Social Media Buzz picked up from 0.4 million in January to 1.6 million in February to a staggering 20.3 million in March.”

In volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) times, the working of majorly all companies has shifted to digital platforms. Now where ‘work from home’ is the new normal, ensuring an online presence is no more a choice but a necessity. Many niche level marketing platforms can ensure a high rate on investment due to your organization’s perspective clientele traffic these platforms cater to. Focusing on curating well-targeted content can definitely boost up your business.

  Improving Customer Relations: Social Media Marketing

Conventional methods of marketing provide an organization with a one-way flow of information whereas digital marketing gives you the freedom to interact with your clients. Not only is a brand able to put out their services and products but also deal with clients in real-time. The power this concept has is being utilized to the fullest in today’s digital world. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are immensely powerful tools to improve customer relations through genuine engagement.

Novelty: Digital Visualisation

Before the industry went into lockdown, it went without saying that after the initial analysis of the value proposition, a tour of the product ensured a better understanding of the potential client. Providing a virtual tour to potential consumers, becomes even more crucial today, where the physical tour is not possible in a wide variety of regions. Many industries are focusing on this with a resurgent nature. The clothing industry brands are providing online customers with a virtual tour of the garment and calls to action are ensuring the closing of the deals thereafter. The Oil and Gas companies can use this novelty and create impactful digital marketing models to interactively portray their services in the global market.

Low Budget

The current financial recession across the globe has led many to believe in the cycle of financial markets which is currently in the slow down. Start-ups are struggling to stay afloat in the detrimental environment we have today and to ensure the highest extent of spread of brand name in a region, the start-up needs to pump in finances. Digital marketing is a way out to ensure hegemony in the company’s area of work. As the global pandemic resulted in the Oil and Gas Industry organisations being drained out of resources, Digital marketing provides them with not only an economic but also extremely impactful manner of targeting the prospective clientele.  

 Search Engine Marketing through optimization

Keeping search engines’ presence all around us in mind, we should upgrade our organization’s Search Engines’ rankings. Whatever comes on top sells, and this school of thought should persuade you to focus on search engine optimization for your brand. According to Moz, the first page of Google captures a whopping 71% of search traffic clicks and in recent years this number has reached an all-time high of 92%. The second-page results stand at a meager 6% of all website checks. 

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Where to look for effective Digital Marketing for Oil and Gas start-ups?

Digital Marketing companies can help to catapult a brand into the industry on the online platform. Energy Dais with a crystal-clear vision of bringing the Oil and Gas Industry onto one digital platform has disrupted the Industry with its immense value propositions. We offer digital marketing services that have been tried and tested to help start-ups tap the potential of the global market with extreme ease. 

In the COVID-19 breakdown, it has never been more important to lay a firm foundation for your organization on the Digital Marketing strategies and we are providing all the aid necessary to create your mark. Do get on board with us on this profitable endeavour. 

(Connect with Team Energy Dais for Advertising and Marketing Services and put your brand in the global oil and gas community.)



Vineet Puri

Vineet, currently pursuing Petroleum Engineering, aims to play his part in fulfilling the future energy demand basket in the Energy Industry. Outside of his professional horizon, he is a musician, cyclist, public speaker as well as an aspiring Entrepreneur.

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Vineet Puri

Vineet, currently pursuing Petroleum Engineering, aims to play his part in fulfilling the future energy demand basket in the Energy Industry. Outside of his professional horizon, he is a musician, cyclist, public speaker as well as an aspiring Entrepreneur.

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