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importance of online presence

The importance of online presence for O&G Companies: Why now?

Amidst the lockdown across the globe, the only place left to go is online. Every brand is putting efforts to create an everlasting impression in the consumer’s mind. And hence, the importance of online presence, in these times and otherwise, cannot be emphasised enough. Especially for the oil and gas companies who haven’t been such a big fan of websites, social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies.

As a result of this pandemic, a decrease in the number of conferences and face-to-face interactions is quite evident. And then, all the search engines and social media platforms will become a very powerful source of business leads.

importance of online presence
Source: Wall Street Journal

Here is a quick summary of the current scenario:

  • The energy sector companies allocate only 4% of their total budget on marketing
  • Oil and gas companies spend only 7% of their revenue on marketing
  • The industry relies heavily on the conferences and trade shows
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all the oil and gas conferences either stand cancelled or postponed

With the virus continuously spreading the heat, the above situation requires an immediate call to action. It demands proper investment in brand building and a strong online presence. And with the trade shows and conferences being cancelled, the companies will have a decent budget to spend on the same. 

Its time to review your marketing strategies

importance of online presence

When it came to cost-cutting during the crisis of 2008, the companies decided a fierce cut in their marketing budget. And that might have been a great decision at that time. However, after 12 years, business methodologies have completely changed. Now, marketing is no more about getting the pamphlets printed or relying on word of mouth for people to know about your brand. So this strategy might be the biggest failure in today’s times.  

So what might work right now is a good marketing strategy! 

Does your company have a website? If yes, have you ever wondered what impression does your website gives to the user? I am assuming not! 

So, emphasising upon the importance of online presence, I would suggest that you revisit your corporate site and make sure that it is well presented. Have a look at your previous marketing campaigns and reset the goals of the ones you will be running in the future. It will not only give you an idea of your team’s performance but will also help you level up the marketing game for your brand. 

For the companies who are yet to choose a platform that can help them with all the aspects of marketing, we, at Energy Dais have made it very easy for you to choose. 

Important aspects of smart planning

importance of online presence

What is that one thing that most people are doing these days?

Spending most of their time on social media as it has become a constant source of information. 

So, it means that the efforts put in to promote the brand right now will have a very significant impact in the longer run. If presented smartly, not only will it increase brand reach but will also show a surge in brand recall. 

A list of a few very important things that an oil and gas marketing company will do for you: 

  1. Performance of website

A website is the first step towards building your online presence. And this is why it should have a very clear and strong messaging for the user. The language used should not be confusing and the offerings should be made to stand out. But the importance of online presence is not just limited to a website. The various factors such as SEO checks, text to HTML ratio, keyword research etc form a very integral part of the process. All of this will help your website rank on various search engines. 

Energy Dais has been providing almost 200+ of its clients with this service. Managing the content on the website, improving their ranking on Google and regularly analysing their performance has been an essential of this offering.

      2. Social Media Presence

This is the time when you can connect with new people, only if planned strategically. Find new ways to engage your audience with relevant content. Keep creating content that is intriguing and use it as a click-bait for your audience. It will not only help you reach to a larger audience but will also educate your prospects regarding your products and services. Push different types of content regularly through all your social media platforms to maintain a decent engagement rate. 

We have tried and failed quite a lot of times. And ultimately knowing what will not work has made our strategies effective. Managing social media for our clients has made us, at Energy Dais aware of what kind of content is appreciated by the oil and gas industry. And thus, made our craft unique and very different from others. 

      3. Lead Generation

The importance of online presence is emphasised because the channels to generate leads are immense. And how to utilise them effectively is something that only your marketing team can work upon. People from all around the world are searching for products and services online. Tapping into the right channels and doing the keyword research strategically will help in generating quality leads and enhance business growth.

The activities mentioned above are only a broader aspect of what marketing is all about. Deep inside, it takes a lot of small promotional activities to strengthen a brand in the long run. For oil and gas companies, it is necessary to start investing in such activities as this is going to be the future of the industry.

Build your brand with Energy Dais

importance of online presence

The only aim of the companies right now is to not let their business drown amidst the wave of the pandemic. Companies need opportunities and strong networking channels to overcome all the losses in these times. And Energy Dais, as a platform, not only provides with all the business opportunities, it also cuts down on any hindrance companies faced due to geographical boundaries. It makes it very easy to connect with companies across the globe and do business.

The ease with which you can do business through Energy Dais makes it the perfect choice in these times. Leads, updates, tenders and networking, everything is just a sign-up away from you and your business. 

Being a part of a digital oil and gas platform, I have been dealing with clients for a long time now. And the importance of online presence is merely a fancy phenomenon for the oil and gas companies is the one thing that I have understood very well by now. But with coronavirus pandemic bringing the world to a halt, this fancy phenomenon is going to be the major driving force of the business in the industry.


Niharika Vyas

Project Engineer

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Niharika found her purpose in writing. She brings a fine blend of technical knowledge and writing skills on the table, for the oil and gas industry.

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Niharika Vyas

Project Engineer

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Niharika found her purpose in writing. She brings a fine blend of technical knowledge and writing skills on the table, for the oil and gas industry.

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