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Can Carbon Capture, Storage and Sequestration revolutionize the Oil and Gas Industry?

Carbon Capture, Storage, and Sequestration is a concept that dates back to the 1990s when resources were limited, opportunities were scarce and people were less aware. Ever since the Oil and Gas industry has witnessed a paradigm change in how things work. However, the environmental concerns raised due to the...

Digital Disruption in Oil and Gas Industry: Data is the New Oil

A lot of industries across the world are witnessing a digital disruption of some sort. Digital frameworks are becoming a crucial part of operations. However, the pace of digital disruption in oil and gas industry has been noticeably slow. FactSet predicts that, at a sub-industry level, all four sub...

Seismic Interpretation: Influence of Data on the Oil & Gas Industry

Seismic interpretation, regardless of whether for hydrocarbon investigation or geotechnical examinations, is the assurance of the geological significance of seismic data. It is uncommon that the correctness of an understanding can be learned, in light of the fact that the real topography is once in a while...

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An Offshore Imperative: BOSIET Course

Ever pondered about the offshore working conditions or the safety and welfare of the engineers employed for the same? In addition to looking out for one another, there are innumerable security measures taken by the petroleum engineers working...


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