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CSR by MECON: Finding Sustainable Solutions for Energy

Established in the year 1959, MECON Limited is a public sector enterprise under the Indian Ministry of Steel. From the concept to the commissioning of projects, this leading EPC firm offers a diverse range of services and solutions. With a team of dedicated and experienced engineers, scientists and technologists and offices spread all across the nation, MECON is instrumental in the development and expansion of Indian industrial landscape. Moreover, immense value addition is being done through the role of CSR in MECON’s business ethics.

As observed over a period of years, corporate social responsibility has emerged as a significant concept and is driving the development story of business enterprises. MECON has made sincere efforts to incorporate the vision of corporate social responsibility in its objectives and vision for growth.

Since the 1960s, MECON is extensively and constructively engaged in development activities in the rural communities. In the year 1976, a dedicated group was organized to achieve the goals of CSR. The group was named ‘Community Development Committee’ and was given the responsibility to keep a track of corporate social responsibility in the company.

The year 2010 saw the formation of the ‘CSR Cell’ in MECON to bring about a fine coordination between the CSR initiatives of the company and the employees, belonging to different sectors as per the requirements. Myriad activities are being carried out with a special emphasis on the underprivileged and marginalized communities, which includes the SC, ST, OBC, women, children, old people and the differently abled.

Here are the landmark CSR initiatives by MECON:

Capacity Development: The concept of capacity building finds its roots in the competencies for developing efficiency and sustainability. The idea is to enrich lives and find solutions for society’s most complex problems. The company has significantly contributed to developing infrastructure for schools, colleges, orphanages, old age homes, community centers, hospitals etc. Toilets have been constructed in the rural and backward areas keeping public health into consideration. Facilities have been provided for the supply of clean drinking water in rural areas.

Community Empowerment: Empowerment of an individual and communities form the foundation of an inclusive model of socio-economic development. For the empowerment of the women-folk, Livelihood Generation Centers have been opened up like stitching and embroidery centers. Skill development centers have been established for providing vocational training to men and women.

Environment Protection: Social forestry and afforestation programs have been taken up to maintain the ecological balance and preserve the natural wealth. Efforts have been made to set up rainwater harvesting systems to prevent wastage of water and maintain the groundwater table.

Promotion of Green and Energy Efficient Technologies: The future lies in energy efficiency and technology that is ‘green’. Solar lighting systems, LED lighting systems, along with other non-conventional resources have been installed.

Community Healthcare: Till the time good standards of public health are not ensured, everyone cannot be an equal stakeholder in the development process. Considering this, the company has organized general and specialized health camps, awareness campaigns and indoor treatment to attend to the basic health needs of the rural population.

Other activities: Projects have been undertaken to promote art and culture, local sports. The firm has conducted many activities in sync with UN’s Millenium Development Goals.

Making a Difference

It is to be noted that owing to MECON’s primary field of operations being consultancy services, it has no particular defined geography. Consequently, it can take up CSR projects in any corner of the nation, keeping the interest of its business and people in mind. With a fine incorporation of the role of corporate social responsibility in business ethics, MECON has displayed sincere commitment towards the society and environment.

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