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Work Culture at Qatargas: What’s on the table?

Before exploring the work culture at Qatargas, let’s get to know the company better.

Supplying energy safely and reliably since 1984, Qatargas has set a high benchmark in the LNG industry. It currently operates 14 LNG trains and has a total annual production capacity of 77 million tonnes. Apart from this, the company has 2 helium production facilities, 2 condensate refineries, and 2 domestic sales gas production facilities. Qatargas is also one of the largest exporters of condensate, helium and natural gas. CEO of this LNG giant proudly says “For decades, Qatargas has led the LNG industry with innovative solutions that achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and optimization of resources. This, along with our commitment to excellence in reliability and HSE standards and our robust approach to sustainability, has forged our reputation as a world-class energy provider in a complex sector.”

After the drilling pf 15 appraisal wells in the past 14 years, North Field of Qatar has become the largest non-associated gas field in the world. But with so much happening around, the only thing that sets the company apart is its commitment to the safety of its workforce and environment. The principle of the company is very basic, all accidents are preventable if safety is kept at the highest priority while performing any task. Qatargas has several safety programs running in the organization to help its employees understand the need of safety culture.

The LNG leader of the world has some environmental goals set under Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 through which it will make efforts to preserve the environment and reduce environmental impact across the LNG value chain. Some of the initiatives are Greenhouse Gas Management Program, Waste management strategy, Wastewater management, etc.

Reasons to be a part of this family

Qatargas has a belief “developing its people and fostering a culture of learning, innovation, diversity, and excellence.” And then, it has a mission ‘Qatarization’ which is in line with QNV 2030. The aim of this mission is to take 50% of its workforce to established positions by 2030. The company keeps on taking such initiatives to make its employees happy and help them in the journey ahead. It provides necessary training sessions, proper workshops and various other facilities that are essential to its people so that they can be good at their work.

With such a widespread business, the company provides decent exposure to the employees and offers tax-free salaries. Qatargas provides assistance with transportation, education and medical facilities to employees and its families. The company has its health center Al Khor Community Medical Centre serving 15,000 people including employees and their families.

With so many facilities and exposure provided, Qatargas can be seen as a dream organization to work with. It provides one of the best learning experience to its people and looks after almost all their necessary needs.

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