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Why manufacturers need an online oil and gas directory like Energy Dais?

The 21st century has witnessed a huge shift in the way things are purchased and sold. Every commodity, from food items to clothing to even accommodation, has now gone digital. People don’t really go out in search for things anymore. They just look it up on the internet and find it on any directory. Websites like Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, WeWork, GrubHub are more or less directories of different commodities. Such directories reduce the time and money people used to shed off in looking up and procuring such things. While such a concept revolutionized the whole buying and selling process, the oil and gas industry continued with the same old method of procuring raw materials and equipment. More than anything, good online searchability for oil and gas products and services is an absolute necessity for a concept like an oil and gas directory. Energy Dais has transformed this very concept into reality for various manufacturers around the world.

Let us understand in very brief how a B2B platform like Energy Dais has simplified the way manufacturers do business!

Visibility in the directory of oil and gas companies

One of the major reasons why any product is sold online is because it catches the eye of buyer i.e it has strong visibility among people who are looking for it online. For someone who is looking for hotels online, they prefer visiting Trivago. For making online flight bookings, users tend to visit Expedia. Since these directories are a warm spot for buyers, firms who serve in that domain tend to display their offerings on the corresponding directory. This enhances their visibility, and the chances of them landing business increase by almost 3X.

Now put this into an oil and gas industry perspective. If you are a manufacturer, whose products cater to the oil and gas industry requirements, all you need are buyers from the industry. Here’s where Energy Dais comes into the picture.

Energy Dais offers an exclusive feature of Company Pages which are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) whereby, manufacturers can introduce their company, products and services, areas of location, key people etc. on the platform. This gives the manufacturers instant global visibility across 20,000 oil and gas companies in its directory.

From global visibility to qualified leads

Energy Dais offers a completely unbiased and equal chance to all the manufacturers to reach higher ranks in its directory listing. The prospects visit Energy Dais looking for companies, products and services, with the expectation to find the perfect one in a short period of time. Apparently, the companies and products placed in the upper spots grab the attention of prospects quickly and thereby possess a better chance for visibility. To put it simply, if you have seized the top positions, you are bound to gain qualified business leads.

Here’s the traffic on the website in Dec 2018 that reached as high as 40000.

Oil and gas directory

This increased web traffic can translate into tremendous business opportunities for oil and gas manufacturers.

Opportunities that Matter

“Nothing hurts like a missed opportunity”.

That’s why Energy Dais lists all the major oil and gas opportunities around the globe, on its website. This includes global oil and gas tenders, live projects, RFQs, and EOIs. When all such business opportunities are listed at one place, the complete process of finding the right business partner is simplified for the manufacturers.

What more could you want from an oil and gas directory!

A Global Marketplace

For a manufacturer who caters to the oil and gas industry, the geographical differences have always been a big obstacle. The most thriving industry is crippled by the unavailability of a global marketplace. To tackle this problem, Energy Dais made it easy for the buyers to find the right manufacturer, who not only supplies them the right product, but also a product that fits their requirement. The custom quote option on the product and services category page allows them to tell you, the manufacturer, the exact requirement for the product.

This allows the buyer to establish a trusted relationship with the manufacturer, and the chances of you getting more such business increase considerably.

More than an oil and gas company directory

There are many such offerings that Energy Dais makes to the manufacturers around the world which are unique and more than what you can imagine from a directory of oil and gas companies. Energy Dais has reinvented the way manufacturers acquire raw material, market their product and finally sell it.

The time has come for the oil and gas industry to let go of the old buying and selling model, and adapt to the modern way of procurement. It not only saves you time but also the money!


Team Energy Dais

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