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Sucker Rod Manufacturer: Growth Prospects in the Oil & Gas Industry

Sucker rod is being used in the industry from the past hundred years now and with time, this technology has seen substantial development according to the emerging industry requirements. It is a tool which joins together surface and downhole components of a piston pump installed in an oil well. It is a key component of the sucker rod lift type artificial lift. Artificial lifts became essential for the drilling system much before the crisis of 2014 and with the sudden increase in the demand for crude oil, it became a must-have for all the operators. After the market started improving post the 2014 market crash, the global sucker rod manufacturer community felt a sigh of relief. With the market showing improvement signs, the sucker rod manufacturer group started offering the industry new technologies to enhance production and keep up with the global demand.

Sucker rod manufacturer

What does the Market for Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturers look like?

The slowdown of world economic growth had targeted the sucker rod industry as well which resulted in a period of suffering for the sucker rod manufacturers. The market did not respond optimistically and in the past four years, the sucker rod market’s growth rate was of -1.00%. It fell from $903 million in 2013 to $876 million in 2016. But according to BisReport, in the next few years, Sucker Rod market size will expand further and by 2021 it might $860 million at a CAGR of 0.1%.

Sucker Rod Manufacturer: The Leading Names

General Energy-Management Systems (GEMS)

GEMS is a leading products and services provider of the energy sector. It is being trusted worldwide due to its experience in the industry and entrepreneurship. The company is a sucker rod manufacturer and offers a variety of sucker rods to fit in all the needs of its clients. The company offers the following type of sucker rod:

  • Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump

Time Rolling

Time Rolling was incorporated in 2007 and is one of the largest production bases in China. It offers the latest oilfield products and services including drilling equipment, production equipment, and crude oil transfer pumps. The sucker rod pumps offered by the company are:

  • Ordinary Sucker Rod Pump
  • Special Sucker Rod Pumps

Sheng Ji

Sheng Ji Group was incorporated in 1964 and restructured in 2007. The company offers integrated design, R&D manufacturing and oilfield services. It manufactures various types of equipment including conventional drilling and recovery equipment, thermal recovery equipment, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion equipment, multiphase flowmeter solution, EOR, drilling and completion technology. It is also a leading sucker rod pump manufacturer. The pumps offered by the company are:

  • Rod Pump
  • Sucker Rod Pump Plungers
  • Tubing Pump
  • Suspension Pump
  • Gap Bridge Pump

Laxmi Udyog

Laxmi Udyog started its journey in 1967 and has been serving the oil and gas industry from the past 50 years. The company manufactures equipment and components for oil & gas exploration & production, equipment & components for the mining industry and horizontal drilling & pipe laying machine components. The manufacturing facilities of the company have been audited by international agencies several times which showed that the company is in compliance with the latest standards and modern practices. The sucker rod pump and its parts manufactured by the company are mentioned below:

  • Sucker Rod Wrench
  • Sucker Rods Centralizers
  • Sucker Rods Wax Scraper

Sucker Rod Pump Design: Why is it important?

Sucker Rod Manufacturer
Source: MIT

A sucker rod manufacturer understands that these pumps are the most basic requirement for the artificial lift system and that is why most of the time and resource goes in the proper accurate designing of these pumps. Currently, these are being used in almost 600,000 wells around the global. The design of the sucker rod is one of the most tricky parts and is based on a trial and error method. There are a few major areas which need to be specified by the engineer in order to get an optimum design which includes rod string size, taper, and material; surface unit and size, gearbox rating, beam rating, and stroke length; and prime mover type and size. Considering the designing aspect of the system, the sucker rod has been segmented into three categories by the American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification which are Grade C, D and K. Grade C has a minimum tensile strength of 620 MPa and Grade K has maximum tensile strength, that of 790 MPa.

The sucker rod pump is the easiest to install and operate and is inexpensive compared to all the other pumping system. It is manufactured through many processes including testing, straightening and forging. It is formed from high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel in order to make it capable of delivering enough power to drive the system. Every well is different and requires different methods of enhancing production and that is the reason why sucker rod also has various specs to fit different environments and applications. When looked at its industrial structure, it was found that the sucker rod industry is highly dispersed mainly because of the varied application of the equipment. The top five producers constitute about 30.70% of the revenue market.  According to the analysts, the market of sucker rod will expand in the near future to suffice the growing demand from all around the world.  

With the industry dynamics changing rather swiftly, it will become necessary for any sucker rod manufacturer to develop his business globally in order to support the market. And to fulfil this need, they will require an online B2B platform which aggregates their business efficiency. Energy Dais is one such example where any sucker rod manufacturer can gain global visibility and can connect with the oil and gas community online. This will transform their business operations and help them increase their ROI. With the sucker rod market set to rise in the near future, going digital will only help the sucker rod industry grow at a faster pace.

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Niharika Vyas

Project Engineer

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Niharika found her purpose in writing. She brings a fine blend of technical knowledge and writing skills on the table, for the oil and gas industry.

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Niharika Vyas

Project Engineer

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Niharika found her purpose in writing. She brings a fine blend of technical knowledge and writing skills on the table, for the oil and gas industry.

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