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Mechanical Thruster by Cougar Drilling Solutions

The Mechanical Thruster is proven to save operators and service providers considerable spend on drilling times, trips out of the hole, and damages/ repairs to downhole components. The savings are achieved through a combination of reduced downhole dysfunctions such as and shock & vibration coupled with enhanced drilling efficiency by applying a consistent weight to the bit.

The Mechanical Thruster has over 6,000+ runs with excellent results. With the Mechanical Thruster, applications vary, from Deep ERD wells to vertical wells, Geothermal wells, HDD & mining the MT can help almost anyone putting a drill bit under the surface, from shock and vibration mitigation to drilling consistency, this tool has a wide range of potential applications.

What to expect from the Mechanical Thruster?

• Protect and increase the life of the BHA
• Reduce drilling days
• Drilling parameters will be much more consistent
• Minimize shock and vibration

What challenges can the Mechanical Thruster help you with?

High shock and vibration, particularly in increasingly long laterals, can quickly drive up drilling costs. However, using aggressive bits to increase ROP and get quick performance gains can result in damages and associated trips for new bits and BHA components.

How does a Mechanical Thruster function?

The Mechanical Thruster balances weight on bit against pressure to keep constant bit engagement, consistent parameters, and reduce non-uniform motions in the drill string.

Vertical Hole Section
• Reduces shock and vibration
• Reduces damage to bits and BHA components
• Reduces weight and torque swings
• Consistent parameters through tough transitions
• Consistent bit engagement through interbedding and chert

Lateral Hole Section
• Consistent bit engagement
• Consistent running parameters
• Reduces MWD failures and shock and vibration
• Reduces damage to bits and BHA components
• Achieve optimal vibratory tool placement without negative consequences to MWD

Here are the specifications of Cougar’s Mechanical Thrusters discussed below.

Cougar’s Mechanical Thruster Specifications


Cougar Drilling Solutions have been breaking benchmarks and providing top-notch solutions. Their offerings are as follows.
Single Acting Mechanical Thruster – MT3
• Operates in compression
• High angle, high WOB, and lateral applications
• Recommended for curve and lateral sections
• 24 inches of stroke down
Double Acting Mechanical Thruster – MT6
• Operates in compression and tension
• Vertical, curve, tangent, and lateral applications
• Greater flexibility in BHA placement
• 12 inches of stroke up and 12” of stroke down

Cougar Drilling Solutions to the Rescue
The Mechanical Thruster reduces shock and vibration to increase reliability in BHA components and bits. It provides a consistent force to the bit by balancing hydraulics (back pressure below tool) and mechanics (weight on bit). This balance provides smooth energy transfer to the bit – even in erratic situations.

As operators continue to push the limits in extreme conditions, Cougar’s Mechanical Thruster aims to reduce risks. We analyze the BHA, well profile, and drilling performance requirements and discuss specific objectives with your drilling team. This ensures you get optimal performance from the Mechanical Thruster.

Let’s look at two case studies of Cougar Drilling Solutions to analyze the performance of the Mechanical Thruster.

Case Study I: Midland Basin
A Midland Basin operator experienced high shock and vibration and wanted to reduce it to increase drilling efficiency and reduce section costs.
Analyze BHA, well profile, drilling performance requirements, and discuss specific objectives with the drilling team. Optimize MT6-800 configuration and placement for maximum effectiveness.
Over a five well offset comparison, shock and vibration significantly reduced, section times decreased and $41,000 average savings per well. The operator has continued to run the thruster across their drilling program with repeated results.

Case Study II: Delaware Basin
Delaware basin operator experiencing multiple trips per lateral section and DBR bits. Seeking to run more aggressive bits to increase ROP without the negative consequences of DBR bits resulting in trips.
Analyze BHA, well profile, drilling performance requirements, and discuss specific objectives with the drilling team. Optimize MT3X-500 configuration and placement for maximum effectiveness.
The drilling engineers chose a bit that typically DBRs quickly but provides higher ROP. Back-to-back record runs on (2) rigs, with >10,000’ drilled with a single BHA on each well.

Summing Up
Cougar Drilling Solutions are a powerhouse in the field of Oil and Gas. Along with the efficient Mechanical Thruster, they are also manufacturers of other equipment relevant to drilling operations.

The Mechanical Thruster helps reduce unplanned excessive trips and associated costs. For increased reliability in your BHA components, the Thruster provides consistent drilling parameters. It addresses everything – from ROP to WOB and differential pressure.

With enhanced downhole reliability, the mechanical thruster is pivotal in minimizing drilling risks. Thus, it allows engineers to push the limits and achieve better results in their drilling projects.


Team Energy Dais

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