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Industry 4.0: A game of Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge

Identifying opportunities in Industry 4.0

It’s Industry 4.0 and the right attitude, skills and knowledge are all you need to travel from ‘ordinary to exceptional’.

Let’s first understand the significance of attitude, skills, and knowledge in today’s dynamic workplace and how it makes all the difference in the landscape of Industry 4.0.

Attitude – A settled way, posture, thinking, or perception towards something or a person.

Why it matters?

An attitude of a person determines his or her personal and professional success. Attitude can be categorized as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.

It’s all about your ‘Attitude’!

A negative attitude will not help you, as you’ll always live in a denial mode. A positive outlook on things shall help you see the brighter side and would surely help you create a positive aura around you.

Skills – Ability to do something with expertise.

Significance of Skills

Would a company hire you if you don’t have the required skills? No, right?

You are mistaken. Companies provide you with professional and sophisticated training and they understand that skills can be developed over a period of time but certainly, you need to develop the willingness to learn. It’s a learning curve!

Only Practice can make your more Skilled!

Knowledge – A theoretical or practical understanding of a fact, information, and/or a skill through experience or education.

Stay curious, stay updated

We need to develop an understanding of a thing or a process by learning about it, theoretically. Understanding the concept, and knowing how to apply it makes all the difference, which we call technology.

Knowledge is the concept and Technology is its application

What we just learned is called ASK principle.

And Industry 4.0 is the current digital age. We have seen our society and industry evolving at a fast pace. From the Stone Age to agrarian, from physical reach to connecting on the web; we have come a long way.

In today’s world, the industry is all about the augmentation of Humans and Artificial Intelligence. In order to be employable, you need to be equipped with a skill-set, which is desirable. You need to be agile and maintain an attitude of learning to climb the ladder of success.

Are you going to adopt the ASK principle to prepare yourself for Industry 4.0?

We hear a Yes!

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