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How to sell Oilfield Equipment Online?

Traditionally, oil field equipment was bought by trusted vendors who were at the liberty to ridge prices at will and one was compelled to settle for a cost compromise. Oil companies and oil field contractors have to often struggle with sourcing their equipment from various trusted vendors in the industry. The equipment tends to be large in size, in price, and in repair costs. The construction industry is increasingly becoming a user of oil field equipment, which is also affecting the demand and supply proportion of the industry.

Digitalization has made sure that it is easy to access important equipment in the oil field. Accessibility is no more a problem and everything that we need is available with a few clicks. With the lead of Amazon, online marketplaces are common knowledge and there is no reason that the oil and gas industry be left behind in this age of the internet of things. It is a game-changer for the oil, energy, and construction sector. If you are a seller of oil field equipment who is not on any of the marketplaces listed below, you are missing out on a large segment of your market. 

Benefits of selling oilfield equipment online and listing on a marketplace include:

  • Access to new buyers
  • Access to an international network
  • Oil and Gas energy-focused audiences
  • Easy management
  • SEO reinforcement
  • Digital visibility
  • A boost to your brand


Online trading is the new and the most optimum way of trading nowadays. So, it is time to jump in the online marketplace segment sooner, rather than regret the loss later. This article will explore the landscape of online marketplace options that exist in the space of oil and gas energy, where one can supply oil field equipment.

 Best online marketplaces to sell your oilfield equipment:

  1.   Energy Dais:

A global leader in the oil and gas industry, Energy Dais should be your top choice to sell your oil field equipment. Qualities like a target-specific digital presence, constant revenue growth, user satisfaction, are some reasons the buyers and sellers choose to sell and buy their products here. Energy Dais has a high-quality check with a variety of equipment used in the oil and gas industry, so the buyers trust you. The biggest advantage is that Energy Dais makes it very easy to list your equipment. From oilfield equipment to requirements, Energy Dais is your one-stop marketplace for all your oil and gas sector needs.

One can choose from a list of hundreds of Blowout Preventer Manufacturers, Drill Bits Manufacturers and Suppliers, Top Drive Manufacturers and suppliers, mud pump suppliers, Rig Manufacturers, Coiled Tubing Companies, MWD Equipment, Drill Pipe Manufacturers, Casing Pipes Manufacturers, OCTG Manufacturers, Liner Hangers Manufacturers, Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturers, ROV Manufacturers and suppliers, and Well Stimulation Companies. With cutting-edge technology which enables secure transactions, the online marketplace at Energy Dais attracts interested sellers to get value. From across the globe, in countries like India, Europe, the Middle East, the USA, and Canada, one can list their quote to sell their assets at Energy Dais.


  1.   Linquip

An industry-focused space for equipment manufacturers, service providers, industrial customers, researchers, and industry-savvy customers, Linquip helps industry experts and companies to explore sales possibilities. They are easily able to connect with each other via the Linquip marketplace. By listing at Linquip’s marketplace, one can get discovered, get quote requests and connect with their customers. It is suitable to list your industrial equipment for a variety of needs.  


  1.   Run in All

Run in All is an online marketplace with the intention to help your business succeed. It has a user-friendly online buying and selling process, as well as logistics support for Oil & Gas services and/or materials. They live by the values of integrity, daring and customer focus approach, which projects authenticity for your brand when you sell at this online platform.


  1.   Oil Field Marketplace (OFMP)

Oilfield Marketplace aims to modernize the traditional approach to oilfield optimization for the American region. It is a new initiative of the Hexacom group which is the destination for an oil and gas industry offering economical, creative, and efficient, products and services for the oil field. The name itself signifies that the focus of their target market remains to be the oil field. Therefore, for an oil field equipment seller, this becomes a sure shot route to their targeted potential buyer of oil field equipment.  


  1.   Dockstr

A broker for services to the marine, construction, and energy industries, Dockstr is also another oil field equipment marketplace. They have an international network supporting their online platform which helps owners who want to turn surplus assets into cash. Dockstr is a useful digital space. The equipment sellers have to make an account to sell on Dockstr and actively upload more products before they can expect to attract potential buyers of oil field equipment.


Other platforms enabling the oilfield equipment trade include Oil Patch Surplus, Rigger Talk, Tradequip, Rigzone Equipment Market, S.K. Oilfield, to name a few.


Oilfield equipment is a high investment decision for both parties who are making the deal. Additionally, since online transactions are done by machines, they may not always be perfect. A few years back, this was a serious concern, resulting in the slow growth of this commonplace practice. With evolving technology, these hitches have been resolved. Transactions are designed to be more secure than ever before. This trust has enabled the digital marketplace of the oil and energy industry to grow positively and at an extremely fast rate in recent years. Another influential factor for the growth of this trade is the Covid-19 pandemic.

These online marketplaces sell cutting-edge technology and high-quality material for players on both sides, in the oil industry. There are sellers who are exclusively selling oil field equipment online and witnessing positive customer feedback, because of these reliable digital marketplaces. They work hard with their networks, e-commerce experience, and industry knowledge to bring sellers value and genuine leads. At the same time, they build a brand for oil field equipment sellers online.





Team Energy Dais

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