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Energy Dais: Simplifying Energy for Buyers

It is difficult to imagine an industrial landscape as complex as Oil and Gas. With the gigantic scale of operations spanning through the segments of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, a number of challenges exist in the oil and gas value chain.

The intrinsic volatility in this sector is the fundamental challenge. With highly volatile oil prices, widespread layoffs, unpredictable geopolitical dynamics, and the fight to lower down the carbon footprint, the oil and gas community finds itself in an unstable environment. In such a state of flux, a sustainable ecosystem for operations is called for.

Considering the contemporary challenges in the oil and gas industry, the idea of Energy Dais was conceived. It aims to bring about efficiency in the energy landscape through collaboration.

Vision of Energy Dais

oil and gas
Source: Official website of Energy Dais

“Energy Dais is a global movement that aims at bringing the oil & gas sector together on a single platform in order to increase cross-organizational and international efficiencies through shared resources and common goals.”

With the larger goal of simplifying energy, this online collaborative platform for oil and gas aspires to make the business processes smoother and more efficient for all the stakeholders – buyers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, E&Ps, EPCs and so on.

How does Energy Dais benefit the buyers?

  • Verified Database

In the global oil and gas market, buyers often find it difficult to trust the suppliers or service providers. Due to the rising complexities, there is an environment for potential anti-trust. Energy Dais offers the largest oil & gas directory with a verified list of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Buyers need not worry about the credibility of suppliers anymore.

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  • Transparent channel of communication

Energy Dais operates on a zero commission and zero referral business model. This implies that the buyers can gain benefit by cutting down on any unnecessary costs. Energy Dais allows direct and transparent communication between the buyers and manufacturers or service providers whereby, they can negotiate the prices themselves.

  •  High-level professional networking

With over 15,000 oil and gas companies in the Energy Dais’ directory, buyers can connect with the top firms, manufacturers, suppliers or service providers in any corner of the world. There is huge potential in strong networking and geography is no more a limitation with Energy Dais. If the products or services required by the buyer or not available in his location, Energy Dais enables the buyer to connect with the right business partner across the globe.

Energy Dais provides you with the sure-shot advantage of finding the one company or product that fits your business requirements and budget, hassle-free at zero cost. The platform aims to minimize the cost and time spent on finding the right product for the best results. Products and services in 100+ categories effectively reduce your procurement time and cost.

  • Quick response from leading suppliers

With Energy Dais’ exclusive RFQ portal, connecting with the right supplier becomes an easy process. Once the buyer submits an RFQ, he can receive quotes from multiple suppliers at one place. This allows the buyer the freedom to compare costs and choose.

oil and gas
Source: Official website of Energy Dias
  • Value for money

Buyers struggle to procure good quality products and even when they find the right products, the cost becomes a concern. Energy Dais assures the buyers of getting them quality products at the best price from manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and vendors across the globe.

Coming together for greater benefits

Buyers across the oil and gas industry have a lot to gain from when the industry as a whole comes together for stronger and sustainable solutions. With multiple and a wide list of vendors, diverse categories of products and services to choose from, and the best quote for the best product, the buyer is empowered and encouraged to enhance efficiency.

The whole experience of procurement couldn’t get any simpler. From enabling you to float your requirements to help you get the best quote for your products, Energy Dais takes care of it all. All this without any hassle and at a much-reduced cost and time.

If you seek to enhance your experience of doing business in oil & gas, click here to begin!

[Here’s how Energy Dais is simplifying energy for the manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. ]


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