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Digital Advertising: What it looks like for your organisation in 2020?

Your guide to acing your plan for Digital Advertising in 2020

What is Digital advertising

Digital Advertising is the Online presence on the world wide web in a plethora of ways where you promote your offerings and services. Although many may criticize this statement by calling it “too fundamental” in nature, but in a nutshell, digital advertising stands for the same. Websites, social media presence, email marketing, online ads as well as review platforms, all fall under the category of online or digital advertising. Understanding the broad horizon of this field is imperative to analyze the extent of the efficacy of this tool. 

 Why is online or digital advertising a current buzzword?

In the digital age where the extent of the digital world wide web is considered equivalent to the spread of the universe, ever-expanding in nature with just the tip of the iceberg visible to the vast majority of the internet users, one tends to be immensely confused on where to advertise their brands. The wide range of service providers on this front do the job of leaving potential advertisers dumbfounded. If you do not have a digital advertising department, you are in the right spot. This article will address all your key doubts about planning digital advertising in 2020 for your organization.

The roadmap: Digital Advertising in 2020

The initial stage of this endeavour is zero cost marketing.  Zero Cost Marketing ensures penetrating outreach into the market through cost-effective processes such as social media channels, email advertising, and campaigns. However, after the initial penetration through zero cost marketing, an organization needs to bring in paid advertising in its various forms to ensure the boost in the market.  

It all starts with understanding the Buying personas

An aspect of the initial ideation of any service or product is analyzing the buying personas that will be targeted. This concept paves the way for not only the initial product design but also the majority of the advertising model. Understanding the buying personas and journey of the client helps in understanding what key points need to be thrown into the limelight for the potential client. This is the foundation of advertising of any form.


In these competitive times, it is not enough just to create a website as 64% of small businesses have websites. To rise with the help of Search Engine Optimisation is imperative to create an impactful website. Understanding the buying personas and client journey takes you towards the immensely rewarding journey of digital advertising. Categorically analysing the section of the target audience to figure out who the website will cater to, makes the tedious process of setting up the website fairly easy. Now that you are aware of the target audience, the content creation for the website becomes seamless and streamlined. Content plays a huge part in not only ranking your website higher on the search engines through SEO but also engaging the initial traction the website receives.

Email and Newsletter marketing

Although considered by many to be the over-utilized modus operandi of marketing, email and newsletter can have extreme efficacy if done right. Targeted and customized mails can leave a recipient in a sense of awe. Tracking the data pertaining to these emails is imperative as they give us an insight into the engagement of the content and the call to action figures. These key insights can help the organization in drafting future strategies.

 Paid advertisement

Zero cost marketing can aid an organization in establishing the brand throughout the users, but paid advertising is the next step forward. For digital advertising in 2020, one should go for PPC or paid marketing due to shifting of work to virtual platforms. PPC or Pay per Click is a model where the user pays per the number of clicks (call to action model) occurring on the ad. The paid marketing model is in the form of banners and ads which occur on searching for specific keywords on the search engines.

PPC Model
Paid Banner Model

Where should Oil and Gas start-ups look for effective digital advertising in 2020? 

Digital Marketing companies can help to catapult a brand into the industry on the online platform. Energy Dais with a crystal-clear vision of bringing the Oil and Gas Industry onto one digital platform has disrupted the Industry with its immense value propositions. We offer digital marketing services as plans for digital advertising for 2020 which have been tried and tested to help start-ups tap the potential of the global market with extreme ease. 


In the COVID-19 breakdown, it has never been more important to lay a firm foundation for your organization on the Digital Marketing strategies and we are providing all the aid necessary to create your mark. Do get on board with us on this profitable endeavor. 

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Vineet Puri

Vineet, currently pursuing Petroleum Engineering, aims to play his part in fulfilling the future energy demand basket in the Energy Industry. Outside of his professional horizon, he is a musician, cyclist, public speaker as well as an aspiring Entrepreneur.

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Vineet Puri

Vineet, currently pursuing Petroleum Engineering, aims to play his part in fulfilling the future energy demand basket in the Energy Industry. Outside of his professional horizon, he is a musician, cyclist, public speaker as well as an aspiring Entrepreneur.

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