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corporate responsibility by BHGE

Corporate Responsibility by BHGE


The corporate responsibility by BHGE incorporates a sustainable framework for development. Let’s take a quick glance at their CSR framework and why it matters.

Business enterprises across the globe are redefining their growth agenda and aligning it with the idea of sustainable development. This approach is helping them contribute to the society along with their company’s growth. Here’s how Baker Hughes, a GE company, is making a difference.

People, Planet and Principles in focus         

BHGE continues to invest in the invention of smarter ways to bring energy to the world.  There is no denying the fact that the firm takes responsibility for its actions, for the energy it brings. The interests of its shareholders, customers, and communities are taken care of. A fine blend of heritage, invention, experience, collaboration and resilience along with the courage to explore new possibilities to address the energy, social and environmental challenges of the modern times can be observed in the activities of BHGE. Let’s explore how this leading oil and gas company has prioritized people, planet and principles in all that they do.

People: A share of future for everyone

With a significant presence in 120 nations across the globe, BHGE constantly strives to enhance livelihoods in the present times and in the times to come. The global scale of BHGE’s business operations has empowered all the associated individuals and allows it to address the specific local community needs so as to evolve as vibrant places to work and live.

Planet: Towards a Sustainable Future

With a sizeable presence across the globe, BHGE’s expertise is widespread with a focused approach to the idea of sustainable development. The idea is to invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world.  More than a century has gone by since its establishment, BHGE is poised and encouraged to explore new possibilities with the vision of using less and doing more. The best in league digital technologies are deployed in BHGE’s operations. Consistent efforts and substantial investments have been made to help the industry reach the heights of sustainable growth, and also for effective management of its own resources.

Principles: Always with the right intent

In harmony with the Code of Conduct, The Spirit and The Letter, and its policy guidelines, BHGE commits to upholding the highest ethical standards and complete legal compliance in all their activities. All the relevant social, environmental and governance issues have been addressed in their policy framework.

For details on BHGE’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy, you may click here.

These core CSR principles of BHGE reflect its sincere commitment towards a healthy and sustainable world. It is not only about profit but also, the people and the planet. Certainly, a high benchmark has been established by BHGE with respect to CSR, in the global oil and gas community.

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